At first glance, Jordan Coulter’s recently launched PlantWater might look like something taken straight out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop handbook thanks to its Instagram-ready glass bottle, but the nutrient-packed ingredient list proves its glistening green formula is ready to revamp the way we hydrate.

Packed to the brim with vitamins and minerals (18 to be exact), PlantWater was created as a means of supplementing everyday beverages like juice and kombucha to provide a healthier alternative, produced with the intention of making its consumers feel their very best. On top of its hero ingredient Chlorophyll, PlantWater also contains natural nutrients like Magnesium, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Iron amongst its formula, which all work together to increase immunity and energy, promote recovery and aid in cognitive function.

With years of experience in the wellness space, creating PlantWater was Coulter’s natural next step.

“I am someone who enjoys combining the luxuries of life, with a little convenience,” he tells Her Black Book. “Whether that be the gym and a swim or tequila and soda. What I was struggling to find was a way to drink water and gain a large portion of my daily vitamin intake at the same time. One day I was reminded of Chlorophyll, and thought how it was not currently available in any Ready To Drink forms, and that’s when my mind began racing.”

Two years on from that initial realisation, Coulter would receive the first production run of PlantWater, which has already seen itself become a must-try in the wellness space. But, what exactly are its benefits?

As Coulter explains, “PlantWater’s added vitamins and minerals can assist the body with energy production, immunity, recovery and cognitive function. Nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and folate contribute to total body wellness and ensure any individual leading a super busy lifestyle can still consume all the nutrients needed to maintain their health year-round. Crafted from the life source of plants, hence that glowing green hue, PlantWater intends to leave you feeling replenished and refreshed every time.”

Basically, for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed when it came to the saturated world of vitamins (and which ones to add into your routine for specific needs), PlantWater is a great place to start. Something Coulter says inspired him to create the vitamin-rich beverage in the first place.

“It is a guilt-free, highly refreshing and hydrating alternative to water, which puts a smile on your face each time you crack a bottle open,” he explains. “It provides the same benefits of water, and more, with zero detrimental additives or ingredients.”

“PlantWater is how to make the most out of hydration on a daily basis,” Coulter adds.

As for how to consume it to get optimal results, there are no rules, says its founder.

“I personally drink PlantWater first thing in the morning, after exercise, before bed (after too many tequilas), and in the morning (post too many tequilas). The times and moments to consume PlantWater are vast, and the above are only a handful! Whenever you're feeling drained, or know you’re about to exert some energy, PlantWater is your new best friend.”

While right now PlantWater’s range only consists of its signature product, Coulter says he has plans to expand the range to include a lightly sparkling version of the original, as well as hopes to create the offering in larger sizes.