In case you missed it, it’s HBB’s Wellness Week! For one week, the team are bringing you a week of wellness for mind, body and soul, which includes a daily takeover from a familiar face across the industry. One of those faces? Tori Clapham, founder of Peaches Pilates.

If you’re unfamiliar with Peaches, let us introduce you. The program, which can be done in-studio in Byron Bay, Maroubra, Cronulla or Bondi, as well as online, has become known for its unique approach that leaves your muscles on fire, but somehow, continually coming back for more.

The Peachy brand, while originally just classes, has since branched out to include dedicated programs (including for pregnancy and postnatal), as well as recipes (if you didn’t know, Tori is an incredible cook), workshops, beauty recommendations and of course, a supportive community. All of its pillars live under the same ethos, #MPFFA. Make. People. Feel. F*cking. Awesome.

Trying out a class during Wellness Week with the HBB team, it’s safe to say that the Peachy brand lives up to its name. It’s challenging, but not punishing, and will have you looking forward to the next class (… just not instantly).

If you’ve ever found Pilates ‘too boring’, ‘too slow’ or ‘too easy’, Peaches is for you. Here, take a look at some of the unique classes the team offers. And book yourself in, trust us — you won’t regret it.

One of the studios most famous classes, which perfectly marries “the results of resistance training with the functionality of Pilates.” Or as the Peaches team call it, a “match made in heaven!” From dumbbells to ankle weights, or both, be prepared to feel the burn with this one.

For those wanting a little challenge in the cardio space, look to the Peaches Sweat classes. Full disclosure, these heart-rate lifting classes will have you hating your instructor just a teeny bit, but when the endorphin hits after… you’ll want to give them a big ol’ hug. Seriously. The carefully created workout focuses on cardiac fitness, merged with core Pilates fundamentals.

There’s one thing the Peaches team are known for — Peaches. The Booty Camp class is going to get you that signature glute activation, because the class is entirely dedicated to your toosh. But be warned, you’ll be leaving with your Peach on fire.

There are so many more classes to choose from, so check out more from the Peaches world below.