What does it take to build one of Australia’s most successful talent agencies? Just ask Sarah Etinger, who has used her pure determination, grit and creative authenticity to cultivate her business, Precision MGMT, an agency that seeks to push boundaries and break moulds. With a career that spans everything from psychology to fashion and entertainment, Etinger has expertly blended her vast expertise to help bolster the careers of some of Australia’s most well-known faces, describing her business as one that’s not afraid to break the rules.

With a style described as “relaxed tomboy”, it’s clear Etinger’s fierce demeanor is reflected in her personal tastes when taking a peek at some of her most trusted pieces—from a sentimental dress that once belonged to her grandmother, to the mix-and-match decor and scents that always leave her feeling most at home.

“One of the most treasured pieces in my wardrobe is my Nanna’s dress she wore to my bat mitzvah, she was so glamorous!”

“The most sentimental piece of jewellery I own is all of my grandparents' jewellery. I have pieces from Persia, Israel, Russia and Poland and they all have such sentiment behind each and every piece I’ve received, now more so, than ever as they have all passed away.”

“The best pair of denim I own are the Agolde Riley Jeans!”

“My most regularly repurchased beauty item is the Cetaphil body lotionessential!”

"But if I were to spend a day on self-care, I would most likely use a Cosmedix or Aspect mask and an SK-II SKIN eye mask. “

“Three makeup staples I love are the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Kosas Concealer & Chanel No.10 Mascara.”

“At home, I like to mix and match with candles, napkins, jugs and platesso it's very vibrant and loud! These are pieces I have from all over the worldno specific brand names.”

“I feel most at home with scent. I love a house that has a homey scent. Growing up, everyone knew ‘the Etingers’ home smell and I think that's the most ‘at home’ feeling and of course, fresh sheets on my bed.”

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Image Credits: Sarah Etinger, Precision Management