If you’ve ever wanted to know what it looks like to throw out the rulebook and define your own path, just look to Sarah Davidson (perhaps, better known to many as Spoonful of Sarah). From a career in law to dominating the foodie industry with Matcha Maiden to becoming a podcast extraordinaire hosting Seize The Yay and Feastpod, Davidson has well and truly forged her own lanes of entrepreneurship. With a signature positivity that defines each and every one of her ventures — be it an inspiring conversation with some of Australia’s most well known personalities, MCing sold out events or keeping it real with her viral #bloops, everything is delivered with a sprinkle of ‘yay-fullness’ that is quintessentially Davidson.

From the outset it might seem like the entrepreneur has motivation in the bucketloads, but she says it comes down to finding passion in your work that will make it all flow naturally. “I love what I do and am lucky to have a job that combines the things I love with the things I’m good at, so many parts of it don’t feel like work at all,” says Davidson. “When you’re excited about your work and can see the impact it’s making, motivation isn’t too hard to find (in fact, sometimes I’m TOO excited and need to calm my farm to actually rest in between)."

For those too looking to redefine their paths, Davidson adds: “The best advice I can offer is that doing more of what isn’t working isn’t going to get you very far. Get up, go for a walk, get a coffee, go outside — try to break your own mental circuit and refresh so you can come back again later with a different perspective. We ask so much of ourselves these days and squeeze far too much into each day. We also have a very distorted perception of what’s actually ‘urgent’ so most of the time, you can afford to be gentle with yourself and put it aside to do something else and come back again tomorrow.”

“Day to day, I’m very basic — it’s either 24/7 activewear or very classic pieces that you can mix and match, so jeans and lots of tops and blazers in black, white, beige and khaki. But, when I do have the chance to dress up, I LOVE trying all sorts of looks and getting out of the comfort zone.”

“My go-to outfit formula is always… Black activewear, just to be ever so Melbourne! And if I have meetings, jeans or comfy tailored pants with a plain black or white top and a blazer. SO basic slash lazy! But you can dress up or down with sneakers, heels, jewellery, sunnies… So versatile!”

“I’m probably the worst person to ask about anything seasonal since I don’t pay super close attention to the FASHUN trends… I have loved the oversized boyfriend blazer vibes lately though — I’ve always loved blazers so I finally had a moment where what I love aligns with what the fashion world loves!”

“I’ll always be loyal to… Sneakers. Especially to make something girly a bit more edgy where you might otherwise wear heels. My Air Force ones are my favourites.”

“Probably sunscreen! Soooo important to protect your skin and prevent aging. I wish younger me had listened earlier!!”

“I’m pretty good with skincare — I used to have very temperamental skin as a teenager so got into some good habits around that time. I cleanse, tone and moisturise every day plus use a serum. I wear SPF50+ as well every day and make sure it goes all the way down my neck, not just the face. I’ve just started adding eye cream and alternate retinol and clay masks more recently now I’m edging further into my 30s. I get quite congested and have to wear a lot of make-up for work, so I also get facials with extractions probably every 6 weeks and skin needling occasionally to help with texture and pigmentation.”

“Moisturiser because I hate the feeling of having dry skin, mascara because I feel like that alone can make you feel a bit more alive and lip balm.”

"My signature scent is Chanel - Chance.”

“When entertaining at home, I love to dress my table with… ALWAYS candles! And I love to have fresh flowers in the house!”

“We’re mid renovation which is becoming a multiyear process since COVID hit halfway through and it’s so hard to find tradespeople at the moment. So any crockery that actually matches would be a DREAM right now!!!!”