If you love stylish, colourful and made-to-last accessories created by inspiring and talented Aussie women, let us introduce you to one of HBB’s favourite accessories labels — Gimme. Founded by friends (and cousins) Lydia Kirkland and Mizpah King, the Bondi-born accessories label is known for its playful, bold and colourful creations, which includes everything from neon-coloured handbags to ‘90s inspired jewellery and the brand’s cult caps featured in a range of show-stopping colours, from deep grey to pastel blue and pink, and Instagram-ready green.

King, one half of the creative duo behind Gimme, says despite the often gruelling aspects of bringing a small business to life, the rewards are far greater. “The most rewarding part about the Gimme journey has been seeing women wear our designs – that will just never get old! There’s obviously lots of hard work behind the scenes but I still squeal when I see someone walking down the street wearing one of our handbags or a pair of earrings. It’s a big part of our ‘why’ and just knowing we’ve played a little part in making someone’s day (or outfit) inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing!”

As for the advice she'd give others wanting to take that small biz leap, King adds;

In HBB's latest #BlackBook, King shares a peek inside some of her style favourites, including a selection of breezy linens fit for #mumlife, and the clean beauty she has on heavy rotation.

“I have pretty simple style – love a good pair of jeans, a white tee and a fun blazer! I do love getting dolled up for something special but let’s face it, most days I’m Mum! That said, I still rock a stack of bracelets, some cool earrings and always have a GIMME handbag at school pickup. I have fun playing with accessories and have the philosophy that our accessories are a bit like the ‘icing on the cake’…they can really make a simple outfit look super stylish!”

“I have a few Carla Zampatti dresses that were my Mum’s from the 70’s – they’re really precious (she was the Jacaranda Queen of Grafton in 1977 and spent all her money on clothes!). Day-to-day, I do love my Golden Goose sneakers. I’m a Mum so I don’t always have lots of time on my hands...but I know I can also take an outfit up a notch with some sparkle on my feet!”

“Some summer staples I’ve been loving this season include a new Andie cozzie for the beach! And a few new linen numbers from The Lullaby Club.”

“Right now, I’m loving Gimme’s Romeo Heart Earrings (in ALL of the colours!).”

“My most regularly repurchased beauty item is my Fragonard’s Garden Collection – Tilleul Cedrat Eau de Parfum. The most beautiful perfumes from the South of France.”

“I discovered Emma Lewisham about a year ago now and it’s done wonders for my pigmentation which has always gotten worse during my pregnancies. I cleanse with her Illumination Oil Cleanser, then her Skin Reset Serum. I always follow this up with SPF regardless of whether its in my makeup – I love Clean Screen from Ultraviolette. At night, I do the same but replace SPF with Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural 72 hour Crème – it’s heaven. Once or twice a week I exfoliate with Emma’s Illuminating Exfoliant…did I say I quite like Emma!?”

Ultra Violette Clean Screen – because we all need to future proof our faces!; NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – to cover up the evidence of being a tired Mama!; ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation – just the right amount of coverage and it's full of skin goodies!”

“I love a nice, fine wine glass – Riedel are my go to. My favourite glasses though are my Waterford Crystal tumblers, they literally sparkle. They’re the best for a G&T or a spicy marg!”

“The piece that makes me feel most at home is our big comfy couch that the whole family can sit on (including our two bulldogs!), dressed with plush cushions and a cosy blanket. I recently got myself some cute Hommey cushions and even the kids have learnt how to do the pillow karate chop!”