Model, influencer, designer and aspiring actor Memu Conteh has many strings to her bow but is very grateful to have the opportunity to pursue her talents.

Originally from Sierra Leone, Conteh recently made the move from Australia to LA, to pursue a career in acting. She sees the city as a creative hub, with all sorts of people chasing their dreams and finding their purpose. Conteh describes the aspect of playing a character as beautiful, vulnerable and rewarding, as you immerse yourself in the role and it becomes you.

Launched in 2021, her fashion label Sévalìe was born from her love of wearing bikinis and inspired by her maternal grandmother. Although she never had a chance to speak to her, Conteh chose to use her maiden name and her spirit to create the line of sustainable swimwear.

Although her resume looks busy, Conteh doesn’t seem phased by adding another job title to her name. She explains that all of these elements are a part of her personal brand and she wants to take her time building her world. She’s grateful for the relationships she’s made, and wants to experience a lifetime of laughs, adventure and just being around like-minded people.

Taking a peek into Conteh’s Black Book, the multi-hyphenate shares her go-to outfit combination, her essential skincare products and the treasured homeware that makes her feel at home while she’s abroad.

“This season I’m lusting over anything Mugler.”

“My go-to everyday outfit is baggy hip jeans, paired with a white top and a colourful hoodie around my waist. For accessories I definitely adore a good gold hoop earring.”

“I’ve always felt comfortable , sexy and confident when I wear a bikini.”

“A typical day is making sure I cleanse lightly with an oil based cleanser , as it’s so much softer on my face, and not too harsh.

I’m currently using Ren Skincare Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser.”

“My non-negotiable products are the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Mecca SPF 50 Sunscreen.”

“My signature scent is Maison Margiela Beach Walk.”

“The piece that makes me feel most at home is my boucle couch.

It’s crazy to think that me, this once little girl, can now afford a whole couch. I think we forget even moments like these make you realise how far we’ve come as individuals. I really am grateful for all the blessings.”

“When entertaining at home, a big flower bouquet is always a vibe.

I would love to own a Provincial home one day, so I can host dinners all summer long.”