After an eye-opening experience, Nandeeta Maharaj realised just how much impact one Social Enterprise could make, which originally sparked the inspiration for her business, Goods 4 Good.

The platform carefully curates a selection of products that you can shop thoughtfully and consciously, knowing your purchase is making a positive impact across a wide range of causes, including mental health, homelessness, animal welfare and more.

Maharaj and the team at Goods 4 Good are committed to creating a positive social change, empowering communities and supporting charitable causes.

Below, Maharaj shares some insights into the Goods 4 Good journey so far, as well as her favourite piece for the curated edit, a necklace that sees profits go to This Is Eden, an organisation that rescues girls from sex slavery.

“I worked as CSR Marketing Manager for Zambrero, one of the fastest growing QSRs in Australia. I saw first hand what an impact a  determined social enterprise could make. It inspired me to start my marketplace for goods that do good.”

“My first sale from someone who was not friends and family. It was exhilarating!”

“Time management is extremely important. You need to outsource tasks you are not good at and you need a lot of perseverance.”

“Being a female WOC, I have faced many barriers. When supporting female founded businesses, you are working towards creating an equal world and paving the way for future generations to succeed no matter their gender.”

“The Committed Necklace from This is Eden. They rescue girls from sex slavery and have rescued over 1800 so far. The message and story behind this piece of jewellery is extremely powerful.”