Although borders are finally open again and boarding a plane has become a normal occurrence, remembering how to travel well can still seem like a distant memory. Trying to work out how many shirts to pack, how much shampoo you'll need or which shoes to take is hard enough without worrying about your makeup leaking through your bag or if your old suitcase will make it through one last trip.

Alleviate the pre-flight stress with our selection of products designed to make your next holiday a breeze. From smart luggage, to convenient storage and portable comfort, you'll enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Designed to hold the maximum amount allowed inside an airplane cabin, this signature case also comes with an ejectable battery to charge your devices-approved for flying across all major airlines.

Designed in New York, this case has a durable, polycarbonate shell with a TSA approved locking mechanism to ensure a smooth journey and safe luggage.

This Smart Backpack fuses style with functionality with an incredibly spacious interior, USB charging port and anti-theft pocket, all secured with a magnetic zipper lock.

Thanks to this nifty case with sturdy, customisable dividers, your beauty products can stay separate and secured. With a range of sizes available, there's one to fit every journey, no matter how short.

This luxurious silk pillowcase and eye mask will come in handy for any moments you need to catch some beauty sleep, be it a bus, car, train or plane.

Say goodbye to knotted cords and lost earphones with this compact tech organiser, helping to store all your tech accessories without the tangles.