Spring has finally sprung, and the warm weather is quickly creeping in, which means one thing — picnic season is upon us. Long sunny days outside laid out on a rug with friends and family has long been a quintessential part of the Australian summer, and this season, expect the humble picnic to be the unsung hero activity. Joy-filled, cheerful and whimsical afternoons await us, and there’s no time like the present to brush up on your outdoor dining essentials.

Whether it’s set at the beach, park or in your very own backyard, there are plenty of chic, stylish accessories to have on hand so you can focus on what really matters. We’ve scoured for the best and most practical picnic accessories for every setting. With these accessories, prepare to transform a simple afternoon with friends into a memorable moment.

You might think the food and drink you pack are the real heroes of a well organised picnic, but in fact, it’s finding the right rug that really makes all the difference. It might seem obvious, but a good picnic rug that is equally high-quality and comfortable is truly the best starting point for great days ahead.

Porter Green's durable, sleek and vibrant pieces make hosting any outdoor occasion effortlessly polished. The brand is famous for not only creating innovative, stylish and practical pieces built to last, but are made with the brand's sustainable and eco-friendly practices at its core.

This season, you can't go past the brand's chic vegan leather rugs, which effortlessly take any outdoor event to a new level of luxe.

Forget ceramic plates and glassware that might seem like a good idea for a picture-perfect event, and instead, opt for durable, picnic-friendly accessories that are as stylish as they are practical. Reusable silicone wine glasses and cups are the best option, designed to make any outdoor dining scene as smooth and stylish as possible.

Half the fun of picnic planning is creating a picture-worthy moment in the sun, and there are a few accessories guaranteed to bring that stylish, Instagram-ready finish. Think chic baskets and fun games.