You may have noticed that this year has slowly become the year of the picnic. After having been confined by lockdowns for the majority of 2021, restrictions are finally being eased across Australia, and one of the freedoms set to become a reality in the warmer months has proved more exciting than the rest: the picnic.

As the weather begins to heat up, it’s a picnic with friends and family that has sparked the much-needed joy to the otherwise dreary few months. But, of course, that inevitable excitement has also meant the swift need for picnic essentials that are going to not only lend themselves as handy, but chic and picture-worthy, too. Basically, what’s the point of a picnic if you end up uncomfortable, hungry and without the right equipment to make it a seamless and fun-filled event?

That being said, if you’ve never been much of a picnic person, you may not know exactly what those necessities entail. Fortunately, though, the activity is more popular than ever, which means those accessories are easy enough to find.

Ahead, all the essentials to help you plan your next nature-filled excursion.

Obviously, no picnic is complete without the traditional picnic basket that’ll fit all your goodies with ease. Whether you go luxe or practical, there really are no rules when it comes to what a picnic basket must entail, which means you can really go with what your heart desires. From Loewe’s signature Basket Bag that has long been a staple of summer for the designer set to The Beach People’s Picnic Basket, which comes equipped with a fully insulated basket to keep your drinks and snacks cool, as well as a nifty lid that transforms into a cheeseboard.

As any seasoned picnic goer will tell you, refreshments are essential to the setting. From fan-favourite pre-mixed cocktails to alcohol-free alternatives that taste just like the real thing, there really is no shortage of great drops to choose from. Plus, with some of your favourite brands creating specially crafted summer concoctions, there’s no better time to expand your palette and try something new.

Believe it or not, picnics are so popular that the activity has fostered the creation of its own fashion category—the ‘Picnic’ dress. It’s basically a take on the classic Cottagecore trend, where designs are both flowy (to allow you comfort while you sit) and colourful (to match the surrounding setting, of course). Dresses in this category are stylish, chic and perfect additions to your summer wardrobe, and will allow for an Instagram-worthy finish too.

Image Credits: Reese Witherspoon, Mr Consistent, The Beach People