There are many things that connect us, but arguably none more so than that of the Zodiac. Whether you’re a fanatic for living by the traits of your star sign, or simply curious to it, Australian homeware brand Zodiaque Moon has used the binding signs to redefine connection, offering up the ultimate personalised gifts — for others and self. The brands unique, timeless and sophisticated pieces are all made with the same intention, “to celebrate astrology, design and the connection between individuals and the collective — united by the stars.”

The brand, which was founded by siblings Amanda and Mark Levine, came about when the pair were looking for a gift for a loved one, a Virgo, but couldn’t find anything that resonated.
“What we wanted was something that was rich and elevated and textured,” Amanda tells Her Black Book. “But, what we found were generic products with the Virgo logo slapped across them. Nothing had any depth of feeling to it.”

“We decided to create what we couldn’t find,” she adds.

Echoing the same sentiment, Mark explains of the brands inception: “We wanted to build a community with products that were relatable to everyone, so for us, the original idea was around candles and scents. But then, we also thought it would be fun to broaden the exploration around self-expression and mindfulness.

“At the end of the day, everybody has a sun sign. And it’s all about the universal identifier and they’re almost like a connective tissue between us. It’s something that people acknowledge or celebrate differently, but it’s something which ties us all together.”

For the creation of their unique products, Amanda and Mark enlisted the help of an essential oil expert, astrologer Lisa Stardust and local artists to pull everything together, all of which adds a special touch to everything in the Zodiaque Moon range.

“We wondered what’s a Virgo candle? What’s that going to smell like? How would a fragrance reflect the core characteristics of a Virgo? We worked with our essential oil guru and our astrologer, and between us, we defined a gorgeous fragrance,” Mark says of the process.

Each sign followed suit, being uniquely and thoughtfully created with intention.

“It’s just so cool to arrive at someone’s birthday or housewarming or dinner party or graduation, any type of celebration, and you have something that reflects a part of their identity, so it’s a personal gift that doesn’t require any more personalisation,” Mark adds. “And we love that idea, that it’s very personal and it really relates to people at their identity. But you don’t need to do much more to personalise it because this already is such a part of one’s of how we see ourselves.”

Beyond the experts that create the Zodiaque Moon range, it was also incredibly important for the pair to utilise Australian artists for their brand, something they’re both incredibly proud of.

“We’re really proud to be an Australian brand whose products are made in Australia and it feels like that really leans into our values around authenticity and mindfulness and being environmentally conscious,” says Amanda.

“We had this really great few months of brainstorming and collaboration. That really helped us develop each product in the range,” Mark adds. “And with every decision, we went back to the core brand pillars to make sure that everything aligned. Is this a beautiful design? Does it promote mindfulness? Will it enable the celebration of other people and yourself? Is this environmentally conscious? We were very clear and we were rigorous in continually going back to the brand. What the brand stands for, and we stuck to that.”

While still only in its infancy, Zodiaque Moon has quickly become a beloved Australian brand. For others considering branching out with their creative ideas, Mark and Amanda encourage creative exploration wholeheartedly.

“If you don’t try to you’ll never know. I firmly believe that you’ll only regret what you didn’t try,” says Amanda. “It’s okay to fail. If a dream exists, find a way to dip your toe into the water and if the conditions are favourable, then back yourself and kind of go for it. But having said that it’s not easy turning up every day to build a business, it’s not for everyone, and is a huge learning curve each day.”

As for Mark, he says look to others who have done the same, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“Talk to other people who’ve succeeded, who understand the challenges that they faced and then get really clear on what skills are essential for entrepreneurship, because it’s not just having an idea. It’s the little iterations of pushing through roadblocks every day and keeping your enthusiasm up while you don’t necessarily feel like you’re progressing as quickly as you’d like to.”

“We’re super excited about the next chapter. Not chapter but chapters.”