Sophisticated, stylish and highly practical. That’s the trifecta most of us look for when designing the spaces in our home. But while great in theory, sometimes, sourcing pieces that fit the bill is actually far harder than you might have originally thought.

That is, unless you’ve been introduced to the luxe, yet functional designs at Australia’s own Nuage Interiors. Taking inspiration from their namesake — Nuage translates to ‘cloud’ in French — the pieces are not only incredibly chic and timeless, but designed with practicality in mind too.

Founded by Najah Baroudi and Fares Al-Sarawi, the husband-and-wife duo bring a unique history to their newly launched interiors, which has been in operation since 2021. Najah as a videographer leads a clear creative vision to the impeccably made collection, while Fares, a pharmacist by trade, handles the logistics and management inherent with running a business. The pair are a match made in heaven, which is evident in their stunning creations.

The pair’s foray into interiors began when, as parents-to-be they were looking for comfortable and functional pieces for their nursery. After trying unsuccessfully to find a nursing chair that, as they say, “ticked all the boxes”, they set out to create their own. The result? One of the brand’s standout pieces — the Cloud Rocker and Ottoman. Thoughtfully designed to feature luxe, bouclé fabric, elements of head and neck support and importantly, “a place to rest weary legs”, it’s the ultimate in luxe comfort.

Inspired and encouraged by the response to the signature piece, the Nuage Interiors collection continued to grow and now includes a foray of exceptional designs that are uniquely synonymous with the emerging brand.

From a stunningly sleek Pleated Floor Lamp, which extends itself beyond just a home’s nursery and child-centric spaces, to a decadent bouclé ball pit (a favourite among the mothers in the Her Black Book office!) and artfully created bookshelves and clothing racks.

If you’re after pieces that seamlessly weave themselves into your home, be sure to visit Nuage Interiors. The warmth, elegance and chic functionality afforded by the luxe pieces will be a welcome addition, and sure to be treasured for years to come.

Below, we share a few of the incredible pieces.