By now, you’ve no doubt spotted the colour purple, or more specifically shades of periwinkle, slowly seeping its way into the fashion and beauty world — from plum-hued button-ups, feather-decorated handbags and statement shoes to lilac-adorned nails and bold and bright eyeliner. But, you’re about to start seeing the colour dominate another area of your life; interiors.

Unsurprisingly, Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘Very Peri’, is being picked up by the homewares world, as Sydney Property Stylist Justine Wilson says, describing the incoming trend as “bright and joyous.” According to Wilson, this particular purple tone has “hints of blue to it, but also a deep red base”, and is what she personally describes as the “perfect” rainbow purple.

Here, the interior expert shares her styling tips to incorporate ‘Very Peri’ into your space.

“Bright tones have always been popular, and they can be used in both classic and contemporary style interiors,” Wilson explains, adding: “Bright colours can be used as a colour accent, such as accessories, rugs, curtains, or cushions, or as a big bold element in a room, such as a feature wall or the full room being painted in that colour, or even key furniture that is either painted or upholstered in that colour.”

That means if you want to get ahead of this trend, look to pieces that are both bold with

Not looking to go all out? No problem. As Wilson says, “You can easily and affordably introduce this purple tone through florals, candles, books or throws. Playing with the colour of the year is a great way to refresh your interiors and inject new life into any space.”

Certain colours can evoke different feelings and ‘Very Peri’s’ meaning is no coincidence, with purple tones known to embody creativity, thoughts, feelings and inventiveness.

“You can introduce this colour into your environment in many ways, and you may find that it helps you focus on your thoughts and creative outputs,” says Wilson. “As a fun nod, purple tones have always been associated with magic, think of witchy things, Halloween décor and dried herbal and floral items such as lavender. Purple crystals such as amethyst are not only beautiful to look at, but also are meant to awaken spiritually and heal the mind.”

For more styling tips, see Vault Interiors. Main Image Credit: @sansnovazuhause