What’s the secret to an ultra comfy, yet effortlessly chic bedroom? Linen bedding, of course. While the Instagram-ready fabric might have become a trend thanks to its sleek and sophisticated look, its superior softness, powerful temperature regulation and supreme versatility have proved it’s far more than just an accessory to a stylish space. Beyond the feel of your mattress and pillow, the secret to a restful night’s sleep sits among the sheets (and fabric) that dress your bed — so naturally, that decision is one you don’t want to rush.

Gold Coast-based bedding brand I Love Linen has the answer, creating stunning bedding made with 100 percent French linen, with the brand’s fabrics all independently Oeko-Tex certified for sustainability, as well as created using no formaldehyde in the dyes that make up their beautiful shades.

If you’ve been looking for the answer to a chic, stylish bedroom that doesn’t just look good but feels like sleeping on a cloud, the brand’s loyal following will tell you that I Love Linen delivers on both. There’s a huge range of shades to choose from too, no matter the style of space you’re looking to create, and even better, thanks to the brand’s Bundle Curator, you can see what each combination of French linen bedding will look like before you commit.

Ready to refresh? We’ve rounded up the way to choose an I Love Linen colourway based on your ultimate bedroom mood.

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If your living spaces are all about mixing fun, vibrant and exciting prints, hues and textures, of course, your bedding has to follow suit. Luckily, printed bedding is having its welcome resurgence, with eclectic prints and patterns making that easier than ever. You can’t go wrong with gingham to add that playful finish to your bedroom, be it with a complete set or mix-and-matched with your favourite block colours. The I Love Linen range offers a few fun-loving shades to choose from, including Ivy, Sandalwood, Cocoa and Clay.

For most, finding the right bedroom decor comes down to creating a calming oasis — think a rotation of lavender sprays, essential oil diffusers, warm lighting and most importantly, a colour palette that matches. Basically, just because you want a serene, peaceful bedroom doesn’t mean your the space has to be boring. Look to dressing your bed with shades of blue or sage that will not only bring that sense of tranquility, but will finish off the room with a chic and elevated edge.

If you were to ask just about anyone the ideal mood they wanted to feel when creating a restful bedroom space, chances are they’ll say both “relaxed and cosy.” That feeling is easy enough to achieve thanks to I Love Linen’s collection of warm toned French Linen bedding, which not only provides a welcoming look and feel, but adds a touch of style. Look to hues of Desert Rose or Ochre for that ultimate homey touch.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want your bedding to overpower the clean space you’ve created, a set of sophisticated greys or natural stripes are the perfect choice — ideal for keeping bedrooms as minimalistic and sleek as possible. Not only that, these shades offer an unrivalled sense of easy luxury that’ll guarantee a night of good rest. Cosy up in I Love Linen’s selection of soft shades.

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