Life gets busy, and often, that means the days of spending every waking moment with your best girlfriends becomes a thing of the past. Between work, family and finding time for ourselves, making moments to fill your cup with best friends is an absolute must. It doesn’t have to be a lavish affair, but rather, a night in with simple pleasures — think cocktails, movies, pampering sessions and plenty of music and games.

Here’s your ultimate guide to hosting the perfect, fun-filled and memorable Girls Night In. Hot tip: For all your girls night in essentials, Adairs has absolutely everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

There’s nothing more entertaining than coordinating a theme to accompany your girls night in. That doesn’t have to mean costumes and all-out dressing up, but rather a commonality to help ease the organisation, from deciding which foods to prepare, music to play and of course, the activities.

Is it really a girls night in without a cheese board and cocktails? We don’t think so. The options are limitless when it comes to the nibbles and drinks, so have as much fun as you want and get everyone involved. Dress it up with garnishes and quirky glassware to top off the delicious concoctions.

As with most parties, the details make all the difference. We love a bit of atmosphere, especially when it's at home, so candles, throws and decor are all going to add to that cosy feeling.

From bathrobes to sheet masks and hair wraps, girls night in attire is all about the simple trifecta of matching, customised comfort.