Blame it on lockdown and the growing need to bring as much calmness into our homes than ever before, but the past 18 months has undeniably seen the popularity of both candles and crystals boom.

That’s perhaps why Janelle Palibrk’s business, Myles Gray, has seen such dizzying success over the past several months, with the family-run, Australian business combining the two worlds—designing signature hand-poured, crystal-infused soy candles that not only bring fragrant scents into the home but have intent and purpose behind each and every creation.

Palibrk, a former fragrance education specialist, had her lightbulb moment following the sudden passing of her father in 2018, when she realised just how much crystal healing had played into dealing with her grief. A year later she went on to launch Myles Gray, with the brand only going from strength to strength since then, becoming a household staple many can’t live without.

But, there’s much more to Myles Gray than you might think from first glance. In fact, each candle is soulfully created with intent and purpose—something Palibrk always wanted at the core of her business—with their scents matched to each crystal’s healing properties to offer “unprecedented power and magic.”

Below, a breakdown of which Myles Gray products to add to your collection, according to their trait.

If you’re looking for new ways to live the life you always dreamed of, you should look to Myles Gray’s plentiful offering for abundance and manifesting. Whether that’s finding products to bring you more prosperity and success, or something to help workflow or to bring something tangible personally, these products promise to help you manifest your dream life.

Myles Gray Esprit Clair | The Candle of Clarity

One of Myles Gray’s signature products is the Esprit Clair, the Candle of Clarity, combining Amethyst, the calming and soothing crystal, with Esprit Clair, a clean scent just like that of freshly washed linen. The scent coupled with Amethyst will help switch off negative and disruptive thoughts, and allow for deep clarity to rush in and an “overall feeling of calm.”

Lumiere | The Diffuser Of Light

Myles Gray’s Lumiere has been infused with Clear Quartz, the “most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal in the world.” Best for those looking to unblock energy and remove fog, place this diffuser throughout your home and see it work wonders, enhancing your ability to see purpose and promote happiness, finished off with its delicious blend of pineapple, coconut and vanilla.

The products in Myles Gray’s anxiety, clarity and patience range are close to Palibrk’s heart, with each product serving a different purpose, but ultimately created with the same goal in mind, to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety, allowing for focus and clear vision to seep in.

Cleanse Essential Oil Spray

Looking to cleanse and protect your energy? Turn to Myles Gray’s Cleanse Essential Oil Spray, created to increase the energy around you and block any negativity from entering, thanks to its unique blend of Palo Santo essential oil, which holds healing energy, and Lemon Myrtle essential oil, to help relieve stress and lift your mood. This spray can be used instead of physical cleansing products like sage or Palo Alto and is perfect for tucking away on your desk or bedside for when you really need it.

Compassion Crystal Collection

If you don’t know where to start with your crystals, the Compassion Crystal Collection is a good start, which assists in making decisions with strength. It includes Zebra Jasper, for calm and balance; Rainbow Moonstone, for creativity and new beginnings; Rose Quartz, for love and compassion; Amethyst for intuition; and Black Tourmaline, for protection and guidance, which is also best paired with Myles Gray’s Cleanse Essential Oil spray.

Grief can be incredibly consuming, and while allowing yourself time to heal is crucial, it can often take away from life’s other beautiful moments. The products in Myles Gray’s healing collection are incredibly special to Palibrk, and will help you or someone you love, navigate those sad moments.

Navre | The Candle Of Healing

For anyone who has lost someone, Myles Gray recommends Navre, The Candle of Healing. It’s a candle dedicated to being heartbroken, infused with Black Tourmaline and Rainbow Moonstone, and is described as a “powerhouse of protection.” While blocking out unwanted energy and ill thoughts, the Candle of Healing encourages a positive outlook, creating a floral scent designed to replicate a bouquet of roses and fill the home with a beautiful scent of fresh flowers.

Whether you want to cleanse your own space or gift someone who has recently moved, the home protection offering at Myles Gray is where to start, with each product created to help keep your energy safe from negative forces.

Jetiame | The Candle Of Love

Pairing Rose Quartz with a unique blend of buttercream, salted caramel and vanilla, the Candle of Love aims to make you feel as though you are “cocooned in a cashmere blanket of love”, bringing with it an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity. Perfect for opening yourself up to inner healing and self-love, the candle has been designed to open your heart chakra, which allows you to give love and receive it freely.

Mauvaise | Protection

This powerful candle is infused with two of the strongest deflecting candles, Black Tourmaline and Labradorite, protecting you from harmful thoughts and unwanted energy. Myles Gray suggests placing this candle at the entrance of your home, and it will fill your space with a citrus blend of lemon, lime and basil, finished off with a subtle note of raspberry.

Whether you’ve actively brought meditation into your life or are looking for ways to become more mindful, Myles Gray’s collection of meditation focused products is always going to be welcome in that process. All of these have been created to bring soft, flowing energy that will leave a calm and peaceful environment in its wake.

Rest | Crystal Infused Bath Soak

Meditation doesn’t have to be left to the yoga mat, but instead, can be integrated with other activities that make you feel grounded, just like a warm, soothing bath. Add in Myles Gray’s Crystal Infused Bath Soak to your ritual, bringing a further state of relaxation whilst replenishing your skin with natural oils, including jojoba oil, avocado oil and lavender essential oil, infused with pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, and pure Himalayan pink salt.

Self Love Crystal Collection

If there’s anything more of us need to practice, it’s self-love, and Myles Gray has the crystal collection to get you there. The Self Love collection provides positive and warm energy, consisting of Smokey Quartz, to lift sadness and detoxify; Citrine, for luck and abundance; Fluorite, for balance and intention; Rose Quartz, for love and calm; and Amazonite, for love and honour.

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