Whether you’ve branded yourself with the badge of coffee connoisseur or are more of the coffee drinker that only dabbles here and there, one thing is certain; the products you equip yourself with can make or break the experience.

From finding high-quality beans in rich blends to chic brewing gadgets and more, it’s an ongoing mission to find the products that suit your coffee needs and tastes best.

If you’re after something to spruce up your routine, look to these products—and don’t forget to look out for the current deals on Wrapd.

Gabriel Coffee Best-Seller Multi Pack

If you’re an at-home coffee maker and love trying new blends, you’ll want to get acquainted with Gabriel Coffee. The brand is famed for its high-quality coffee, and its Best-Seller Multi Pack means you can try three of its best-selling blends—the O.G, Day Maker, and Easy Tiger. If any of these become your new go-to (which, trust us, they will), the brand also offers coffee subscriptions so you never have to worry about running out of your favourite blend.

Best-Seller Multi Pack

Gabriel Coffee


Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine

For coffee lovers that enjoy their blends with minimal effort and all the convenience, the Essenza Mini Coffee Machine from Nespresso is the perfect find. It’s small, easy to use, and doesn’t compromise on taste, while still being bold on style. Add your favourite Nespresso Capsules for the ultimate coffee experience.

Essenza Mini Coffee Machine



Vittoria Fashion Series 9 Latte Set

Let’s face it, there’s one important factor when it comes to coffee that makes it taste even better. A chic vessel. The Fashion Series 9 Latte set from Vittoria Coffee continues the brand’s collaboration with well-known designers to bring a fashionable edge to their coffee cups. This series includes the likes of Bec & Bridge, Gary Bigeni, and Macgraw.

Fashion Series 9 Latte Set



Happy Way Deja Brew Coffee Whey Protein Powder

If you’re not a typical coffee drinker, and instead like to find new ways to incorporate the flavour into your every day, try Happy Way’s Deja Brew Coffee Whey Protein Powder. The all-natural, coffee-flavoured protein powder has ingredients like maca, Himalayan rock salt, and natural sweetener, offering up an authentic coffee flavour (and energy hit) for an afternoon pick me up.

Deja Brew Coffee Whey Protein Powder

Happy Way


Frank Green French Press

Designed for the ultimate coffee connoisseur, Frank Green’s French Press offers up pure decadence, in their iconic cups. It’s created with an innovative ceramic inner layer that will keep your coffee tasting delicious, with an integrated stainless steel mesh plunger that ensures it stays smooth. Perfect for those always on the go too.

French Press

Frank Green