It’s not hard to see why Jodhi Meares’ activewear label, The Upside, has seen such success since launching in 2013 — the brand consistently feeds us with vibrant, unique and beautiful prints, patterns and silhouettes that live happily in our collections for years. That’s thanks to Meares and her team, who are passionately dedicated to the stories they tell through their pieces.

Ashlea Holdsworth, head designer at The Upside, shared with HBB a little bit about the current collections, including ROAM, which was a celebration of the joyful and happy times ahead, as well as a joy-inducing jacquard that will seamlessly see itself splashed across Australian beaches this summer.

“When we were designing our current collection, ROAM, we were working remotely in quarantine. It was an emotional rollercoaster for many, and we were looking to post-COVID and happier times ahead,” says Ash.

“This a European Jacquard fabric and the geometric print was designed in house for this one, we really loved the bright pop of colour it added to the collection.”