Driven by a desire to create high-quality, every day jewellery that can be worn for all kinds of occasions (without compromising sensitive skin), S-kin Studio founder Chi Mai created what is now one of Australia’s most loved jewellery offerings.

Filled with pieces that are for all kinds of accessory enthusiasts, from maximalists to minimalists, the unique range has everything you need. That includes mix-and-match hoops to Lunar inspired necklaces.

Below, Mai opens up about bringing S-kin Studio to life and a few of the lessons she’s learnt along the way.

“I really just wanted to bring a solution to the jewellery market that wasn’t there before - good quality, gold filled jewellery that is safe for sensitive skin. I was also looking for an outlet for my creative ideas at the time, so it was a perfect opportunity. “

“The biggest pinch me moment has been our pop up store in Doncaster! It’s so surreal to be able to be a part of such a global business and be amongst amazing brands on show. It’s definitely something I’m super proud of!”

“I think the first thing I wished I knew was how much stress having a business puts you through! It’s definitely not for the faint hearted; I’ve learned a lot about myself being in business. The second thing I wish I knew was how expensive it is growing a business! The saying is right - you need to spend money to earn money - and it’s especially true when you’re at a stage of scaling in your business.

"The final thing I wish I knew was how to delegate. As an avid Virgo I have a lot of pride in my work and letting go was one of the hardest things I had to learn how to do when growing S-kin. I’m so happy I did because we have such an amazing team now at S-kin!”

“Growing up from a traditional Asian background where men are traditionally breadwinners, I found it incredibly humbling that I’m able to work and support my family. I truly believe that supporting female-founded businesses not only allows society to progress and improve, but to also help those women succeed on their own without their male counterparts.”

“I would say my favourite and must-have product at the moment in our range is our Sora Signet Ring in 9K Solid Gold! It’s my favourite every-day totem (I’ve got it engraved with my son’s, husband’s, and my initials) as a reminder of those I treasure most.”