A background in industrial engineering might not seem like the perfect catalyst to founding one of the world’s most iconic jewellery labels, but Mejuri co-founder Noura Sakkijah would beg to differ. After noticing a gap in the market for high-quality, wearable jewellery that sat outside the luxury category, Sakkijah pivoted her career to begin the now cult label. What’s followed that original vision has been years of success, seeing the iconic brand shy away from traditional collection drops and instead, focus on perfecting their most beloved pieces. The result? Mejuri becoming a go-to for women — and men — looking to add to their own jewellery collections.

Everyone from Selena Gomez to Lizzo and even Oprah has been spotted wearing Mejuri designs. Below, take a look at some the brand’s key collections, from everyday treasures to a revamping of nostalgic favourites.

Simple, built to last designs have become synonymous with the Mejuri range, featuring everything from classic hoops to cult Dome rings, with each piece created to become timeless staple in jewellery collections everywhere.

Mejuri's charm collection offers a chic, modern upgrade to one of our beloved classics. Whether you're wanting to stack designs or keep it simple, the collection is completely personable — meaning you can mix-and-match necklaces, bracelets and more with a selection of their signature charms.

If Mejuri has anything to do with it, this season's jewellery is all about being bold. The brand's limited-edition Coastal Collection adds a candy coloured edge to our vacation ready pieces, fit with blue, green and red tones set to match the sunshine perfectly.