Justis Szczepanski-Acuil might not yet have launched her kidswear offering Twotoo Kids just yet (the brand is launching in March 2023), but it’s already proved it’s heading for cult status.

With a focus on comfort, quality and style, the brand specialises in practical yet fashionable attire for your bubs, from cosy overalls to sweatpants and pullovers, all which have a unique Twotoo touch.

As the brand prepares for its first release, Justis opens up about the inspiration behind Twotoo and some inspirational words for other women looking to take that leap of faith.

What prompted you to take the leap of faith and turn your business idea into a reality?

“After I graduated college, I spent a few years travelling the world for my husband’s job. During this time, my two children were born and as a stay at home mum, I was able to focus all my time and energy on family which was absolutely amazing. However, I always knew I wanted to use my education and follow my entrepreneurial spirit. So when I got the idea for Twotoo Kids and couldn’t stop daydreaming and imagining the possibilities, I decided to take that leap and make it reality!”

Describe one pinch-me moment in your journey so far and how that made you feel at the time?

“I was grabbing a quick coffee when a woman began raving about my daughter’s outfit and asked where I got it. It was a huge pinch-me moment to tell her Twotoo!”

What are three things you wish you knew when you first started your business?

“1. Set the right foundations 2. Momentum is crucial  3. Every business is a people business.”

Why is it important to support female-founded businesses?

“Women are superheroes! It's no secret that structural and systemic barriers for women seeking their own business persist; the odds are stacked against us before we can even dream of founding our own business! Which is exactly why it’s beyond important to support and uplift female-founded business in any way, shape, or form!”

Any words of wisdom for someone thinking about turning their business idea into a reality?

“Making your dreams a reality can feel scary. When I’m feeling particularly conflicted about making a decision or taking action, one of my favourite mental exercises to do is write out the absolute worst thing and the absolute best thing that could happen.”

"I always find the worst case scenario less intimidating and the best case scenario super inspiring."

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