If you’ve ever stopped mid scroll on Instagram to zoom in on a delicate pearl necklace or statement gold earrings, chances are it’s been a piece by Sydney-based label SAINT VALENTINE. Founded in 2016, the brand has become known for its high-quality, must-have pieces, and signature affordable price point. If you’ve been searching for sleek, sophisticated and timeless jewellery then look no further than here. As part of HER BLACK BOOK’s Festival of Her, a shopping event to support female-founded businesses, SAINT VALENTINE founder Georgia Wyrill shares some insight into her business journey so far.

“Being a hard worker. I have always had a good work ethic and strong determination to succeed in whatever I do.”

“Years of working nights and weekends and going home early on Saturday nights to get up for markets on a Sunday. I sacrificed a salary and the reduced stress and responsibility one has when employed, having nights and weekends free. I’ve only just been able to get work life balance back now that the business can afford to hire a great team to help me.

“One incident early on springs to mind. My email was hacked and I lost a substantial amount of money. Also my apartment which I was working and stored stock in had pipes burst, flooded and the ceiling collapsed at a crucial busy time. In these times family and friends helped me push through and put one foot in front of the other to get back on track and see light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I’m really proud looking back on the product and how far it has come aesthetically and with quality, and that SAINT VALENTINE has a strong brand identity and design language now.”

“High waisted tailored trousers, a mock neck sleeveless top, A Emery sandals, vintage Louis Vuitton bucket bag & SAINT VALENTINE jewellery.”