High-tech and fashion-forward, that’s the perfect pairing offered up at Friendie, the Australian tech brand making sports accessories luxe. Founded by Jane Sahhar and her husband Phil, the brand specialises in headphones, audio sunglasses, speakers, watch bands and other tech accessories that perfectly blend performance and style — because we all know, finding pieces that are equally efficient as they are beautiful is crucial.

Friendie understands this expert synergy and has made it their clear ethos, even having their audio pieces appear on the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week (a major “pinch-me” moment for the brand).

Below, Sahhar shares a little bit about the brand’s creation and why she believes its so important to support fellow female entrepreneurs.

“The simple version is that we couldn’t find the tech we wanted, so we created it. It was truly a leap of faith, started in our lounge room. We created one product - the humble audio splitter - and have grown organically, step by step, to now have a sports luxe range including headphones, earbuds, audio sunglasses, watch bands, speakers and sports accessories. It’s a journey that has had its challenges, especially as a young Australian brand playing against bigger worldwide brands, but we have come such a long way.”

“Watching our headphones on the catwalk at Melbourne Fashion Week was that moment. It was the ultimate ‘pinch-me-I’m-dreaming’ experience! From a small business created in regional Victoria, to our brand being celebrated in the heart of the city - what a journey. We are so grateful for these moments.”

“1) Surround yourself with a community of like-minded people and entrepreneurs, to support each other and spark new ideas. If it doesn’t exist, reach out and create it. 2) Be confident in your journey, and understand that business is a rollercoaster. Riding the downs is humbling and challenging, but it makes the ups that much sweeter. 3) Celebrate your achievements, big and small. Pause, reflect and be grateful for where you are at. Being happy is the most important thing of all.”

“Women supporting women is so important, and crucial if we want to see more female-founded businesses succeed. We need more strong role models to help shape the future for the next generations. I love that I can show my daughter and my son that they can literally choose their own path in life, and make a success of anything. I was a teacher, then a mum, then an entrepreneur - and what’s next? I want to show them that as long as they are determined, courageous, kind and open to new ideas, they can pivot, they can change their dreams and they can create new ones. I did, and so can they.”

“Our watch bands are our must-have product. They are our newest Friendies, and our watch band range is absolutely beautiful. They definitely elevate your Apple watch to a whole new level!”