For Ann and Angela, the founders of a2CIRCLE jewellery, the desire to blend the splendor of nature with the exuberance of life has always been a source of  inspiration. Having met as jewellery design classmates and colleagues, and bonded over their shared love of exquisite jewellery, the co-founders have amassed years of experience in the industry, culminating in the creation of their own brand.

Their shared passion for creativity, refined design and personal style is seamlessly reflected in a2CIRCLE, with creations that are seeped in both sophistication and individuality.

Below, the pair share a little bit of insight into the a2CIRCLE journey so far.

“Lighting up the power of life and dreams, inspiring the world with the meaningful creations is the vision and mission. Each jewellery creation delivers a unique message that associates the precious moments and lively stories.”

“The warm and satisfied response received from customers, especially when they like our design concept (collection stories). They are also spreading love to their families, friends and colleagues.”

“1. How to reach our target end-customers. 2. How to reach our target distributors in different markets. 3. Crossover with different designers for new products development.”

“Any jewellery piece from ‘Fly Up High’ collection because it associates the power of love and dream!”