We all want smooth, supple, radiant looking skin. That’s the dream and exfoliation is among the beauty rituals guaranteed to offer up exactly that. But, finding the perfect balance in your exfoliation routine is paramount, as overdoing it can mean the opposite of what you’re looking for. From skin scrubs to active serums and even unique beauty tools, there are so many different ways to exfoliate the skin — and finding which is best for you can take a little bit of a deep dive (and avoid potential damage).

Here, take a look at some of our favourite exfoliating products to ensure a smoother, brighter complexion. Your skin will thank you.

Leif is renowned for their rich, invigorating scents, and the brand’s Scrub Up Duo in Lemon Myrtle certainly lives up to the hype. Featuring two signature products — the Caviar Lime Body Scrub and Lemon Myrtle Body Cleanser — this double-take on exfoliation with leave you with your softest skin yet. Start with the Body Cleanser for the perfect base, allowing the Caviar Lime Scrub to do its thing.

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If your skin has been feeling a little lacklustre, consider adding in an AHA to bring some life back into it. Boost Lab’s AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum, which is packed with lactic acid,  aloe vera, Manuka honey and bisabolol, is a great way to gently exfoliate and moisturise your skin. This hard-working formula works to support your skin’s natural cycle of cell turnover, resulting in a smooth, bright and revitalised complexion.

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Exfoliation in a jiffy, that’s what Go-To Skincare’s Exfoliating Swipey’s are known for. The single-use exfoliating pads are soaked in an all-natural solution that works hard to plough away dead skin cells and hydrate skin. Thanks to its formula, filled with lactic acid, gentle AHAs and ultra-hydrating essential oils, these little pads are a secret weapon for refining skin texture (with just one swipe!).

You already know and love Bangn Body’s yellow tube of goodness, so prepare to fall equally in love with the brand’s Smooth Skin Scrub. The two-in-one coffee mousse scrub and mask works to combat dry, bumpy and dull skin in just minutes, removing dead skin cells while hydrating the skin. Of course, like all Bangn Body products, the smell is unmatched.

It’s not just our face and body that need a little extra TLC in winter, with our lips often taking the brunt of the cold, dry weather. Lip Dr’s PREP Lip Exfoliator is here to save your dry and chapped lips, removing any build up of dead skin while its specially-formulated ingredients work to boost collagen and hydration for soft, plump lips.

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Meet the product that stopped TikTok in its tracks — the My Glow 2 Glove. Handmade from silk, the exfoliating mitt takes inspiration from a specific technique perfected over centuries, with the natural skincare remedy using its unique weave of silks to effortlessly sweep away dead skin and impurities.

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