The model-off-duty sleek bun might sound like an easy task to master, but in fact, it’s far harder to nail than you might have imagined. Hailey Bieber’s signature middle part, sleek updo has become something of a streetwear favourite recently, with people tirelessly attempting new tips and tricks to get the same easy, effortless look the model favours. Well, I think I’ve finally found the one product guaranteed to help you emulate it for yourself—Australia’s own Slick Stick.

So what exactly is the look? For those unfamiliar, basically, this particular bun is one that sits at the back of the head, before being knotted tightly with a sleek, almost wet-looking part down the middle. Or, if you prefer, pulled back without the part.

It’s sleek and stylish and isn’t just reserved for those off-duty occasions either, with many celebs having turned it into a red carpet go-to, often pairing the hairstyle with their designer gowns, which is exactly why it’s become one of the most recreated styles of the past year. Especially, when considering the past 18 months has been all about creating looks from the shoulders up.

Here’s where the Slick Stick comes in, it’s an Australian-founded product that’s taking the beauty world by storm, and is a slicking tool that works to tame flyaways without leaving hair oily or ‘crunchy’ (or looking like you’ve slathered on as much styling gel as you can muster). Plus, it’s proven to keep hair that way for the duration of the day, whilst proudly being cruelty-free, vegan friendly and suitable for all hair types. So don’t worry, if you’ve got hard-to-tame curly strands, this wand works wonders for you as well.

It’s also packed with nourishing products like jojoba and evening primrose, which means you can give your hair some little extra TLC when pulling it back.

The product has become so favoured in fact, it’s actually one of only two products you’ll need to effortlessly pull off Bieber’s signature bun, alongside your trusty hairbrush or comb.

Before starting, it’s important to know that this look is best achieved working with second or even third-day hair, as the natural grease in your scalp will not only aid in giving you that perfectly undone textured finish, but will help you style the hair so that it stays in place.

STEP ONE: Start by making a clear part down the middle of your hair with your styling comb or brush. From here you’ll want to pull back your strands while keeping that section in place, brushing each side and gathering it at the back of the head.

STEP TWO: Once your hair is gathered and you’ve smoothed out the edges, fasten it into a ponytail with one hair tie. If your hair isn’t as smooth as you’d hoped, you can continue to brush out any bumps until you get the desired results, fastening tightly when you reach that point.

STEP THREE: Once you’re happy with it, twist the ponytail around tightly and into a bun, before setting it in place with another hair tie.

STEP FOUR: Here’s the fourth and final step, and where your Slick Stick comes in. Take the wand from its tube—you’ll notice it looks exactly like a mascara brush—and begin to brush across both sides of the part, paying close attention to the strands closest to the face.

That’s it, you're done.

The Slick Stick works wonders on finishing off that sleek look, making it appear as chic and polished as can be.

The best part, you can pop a Slick Stick straight into your handbag and touch up any flyaways throughout the day.

It’s also not just for pulling off this sort of hairstyle and can be used to finish off everyday ponytails, buns and can even be used on the back of your hair underneath updos to secure strands that might not be long enough to reach your hair tie.

As the weather begins to heat up, and our hair begins to frizz throughout the hot summer days, the Slick Stick is guaranteed to be your new secret weapon.

This article was brought to you by Her Black Book for Slick Stick.

Image Credits: @haileybieber