At first glance, these tiny studs may look like a piercing, but you’ll be surprised to know there’s no needles involved. These small but powerful ear seeds are designed to stimulate various nerve points on the outer ear, helping to relieve everything from stress and headaches, to sugar cravings and insomnia.

Elle Halliwell, founder of Auricle Ear Seeds, was moved to discover new methods of healing after receiving a chronic blood cancer diagnosis in 2016. Now a certified auriculotherapist and integrative health practitioner, Halliwell hopes to educate more people on her practice, providing the tools and knowledge to take control of their own wellbeing.

As someone who is notorious for clenching my jaw when stressed, I was curious to try out these ear seeds. If it meant less pain and less painkillers, I was willing to give it a go.

Ear seeds are a needle-free form of acupressure (auriculotherapy) which was made prominent by French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier. His research linked specific areas of the outer ear with certain parts of the body, and by adding pressure it helped alleviate health issues. Originally practised with tiny seeds from the vaccaria flower, modern-day ear seeds like the ones from Auricle, are now 24k gold-plated and easy to apply.

Auriculotherapy, or ear acupressure, is grounded on the principles of acupuncture, which studies have shown may assist with anxiety and stress, weight loss, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, fertility and insomnia.

It can also help with particular points of tension such as pain in the lower back and shoulders as well as allergies, immunity and skin conditions such as eczema.

Auricle recommends starting the process by lighting a candle and tuning in to your body to focus on what parts of your body and mind need healing. For me, it was obvious enough that my jaw needed attention but I also chose points that included anxiety, headaches and the Shen Men point which strengthens the effect of each point and helps to calm the mind.

If you’re unsure where to place the ear seeds, there are handy protocol cards that help you pinpoint the source of your issue.

Next you need to choose one ear to apply your seeds to, in my case it was my right jaw that needed attention so I opted for my right ear. Auricle recommends pressing the points close to your area and if there's an area where you feel extra sensitive, you know it's the right spot.

Before applying it’s important to clean the area thoroughly with the provided alcohol wipe to remove any dirt or oil that may have built up.

Using tweezers, gently peel the seed off the backing and apply to your chosen points. Press down gently to adhere.

You can wear the ear seeds for up to 4 days, depending on your preference. To remove, tilt your towards the ground and peel off. Dispose of responsibly after use.

Within the first few days of wearing the seeds, I definitely noticed a difference. Although my jaw pain didn’t disappear completely, it definitely felt a lot less intense and I felt a lot calmer overall. I didn't suffer the bad headaches that usually come hand-in-hand with my jaw, and everything felt a lot less tense.

I loved how aesthetic the seeds looked next to my gold earrings and they were so subtle. It was also very satisfying to peel them off after the 4 days.

I would recommend Auricle Ear Seeds to anyone who is seeking a natural solution to pain-relief or any ailments you might have.