There’s no denying the allure of ‘90s staples, be it a barely-there slip à la Kate Moss or pared back glam that screams effortlessly cool. If you’re a fan of nostalgic trends, you’re going to love the latest in beauty, because minimalist, ‘90s-inspired glam is back in style.

Also, don’t be scared if your immediate thought jumped straight to skinny brows and glittered eyeshadow, because this particular trip down memory lane is as chic as it comes. Think more along the lines of blushed out cheeks, simple liner and neutral lip tones.

According to Samantha Tonkin, Benefit Cosmetics National Brow Artist and Beauty Expert, it only takes a few key products to get the look. Here, four makeup trends taken straight from the ‘90s.

One way to try out a ‘90s-inspired look, is to focus on the cheeks with a radiant, pinky finish. “Using Benefit’s new desert-rose lip and cheek stain ‘Flora Tint’, swipe this product onto your cheeks and blend quickly with your fingers or a brush for a beautiful romantic glow,” says Tonkin.

What’s more throwback than pastel hues brushed across the lids? This particular style is for the more adventurous beauty lovers, and takes cues from Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz. Our pick? Light blue or purple tones. If you really want to have fun, just look to Dua Lipa’s latest looks, with makeup artist Shelby Smith even having some fun with sparkly silver glitter to top it all off.

For the more grunge girl look of the ‘90s era, it’s all about pitch black liner and spider lashes. It might not be the most popular of the revived trends, but the ultra-long lash look was an It-girl favourite. “Bad Gal BANG! Mascara and liner is the perfect duo for effortless eyes. Both formulas are pitch black, and with the water resistant and blendable liner you can have your soft wing or smokey lash line that is oh so chic ‘90s vibe with minimal products.”

There’s something so effortlessly chic and cool about a minimal glam look topped off with a neutral, brown lipstick — Drew Barrymore, we’re looking at you. Brown matte lips are about to have their major comeback.