Born from the belief that your daily skincare routine should be good for you, and the planet, Barb de Corti founded Santé by Enjo. The sister to chemical-free cleaning brand ENJO Australia, Santé was built from years of textile innovation for the purpose of creating naturally-nourishing skincare, with the multifunctional products designs to bring much-needed style to the sustainable skincare market.

Below, the founder shares some of her biggest business learnings and a few words of wisdom.

“My 100% belief that this product will make a difference to health of people and the environment.”

“When a young mum told me her daughters asthma attacks had subsided since she began using ENJO to clean her home.”

“Not everyone is like you. People don’t value their own health and the environment as much I assumed. Just because you have a better solution for something doesn’t mean it will be taken up by people.”

“I believe that for too long, we women believed we had to be like men in business to succeed. Hence supporting each other and letting each other know that we are good enough and that we have got this is super important.  And yes, you can be feminine and vulnerable to be a kick-ass entrepreneur.  Share learnings, and give each other a leg up.”