Changing the conversation around sexual wellness and pleasure, NORMAL creates sex toys for this century.

Founder Lucy Wark spent a decade wishing for a trusted guide for making exploring sexuality a bit easier, but when no one showed up, NORMAL was born.

Taking the ick out of buying from a sex store, NORMAL wants to make sexual wellness stress-free, stigma-free and regret-free.

But it’s not just about the toys, NORMAL also offers engaging education around sex to make it feel easy, fun and informative.

What prompted you to take the leap of faith and turn your business idea into a reality?

“It wasn’t really one lightbulb moment, but a series of conversations with friends and acquaintances where I realised that there was a really deep problem to be solved around sex education that talks about pleasure and intimacy, and that by making physical products in a new way, we could also help to support that education and expose a lot more people to the joy of sex toys.”

What are three things you wish you knew when you first started your business?

“1. It’s way more than 9-to-5. 2. But it’ll feel very different to a 9-to-5 working on something you don’t love. 3. You can test vibrators surprisingly well on your nose.”

Why is it important to support female-founded businesses?

“We know there’s a huge income gap between male-identifying and female-identifying people, and that over time turns into a wealth gap. One of the most important ways we can correct that is to see women starting and owning businesses, and as consumers, we can choose where to spend our money and who we want to support by doing that - so why not?”

What's the one must-have product from your range right now and why?

“Our bestseller (for a reason) is Quinn - an air pulse toy that helps you explore clitoral stimulation, which basically feels like really great oral sex. For so many people with vulvas, pop culture and porn teach us the wrong lessons about pleasure (focussing on penetrative sex, where a majority of people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation) - so this is a toy where we get a lot of feedback that people are having their first, best, or multiple orgasms!”

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone thinking about turning their business idea into a reality?

"Don't think of it as a one-way door, or an on-off switch - think about stages in which you can test your ideas/products/passion for the space, and keep saying yes or disproving your hypothesis about it."