So many of us take time and effort to consciously curate our skincare, makeup and even haircare routines to ensure all products we're applying meet our personal standards — so why doesn’t the same apply for our oral care, too? For Georgia Geminder, it was this glaring gap in the market she couldn’t help but fill — launching Gem, an all-natural, non-toxic oral care range that seeks to detox your mouth. Each product in the range, which includes whitening toothpaste, breath sprays and whitening pens, are all developed using earth minerals, natural oils and probiotics, while forgoing toxic ingredients. If you’ve got a sweet tooth too, the brand has a signature range of flavours from Cinnamon to Coconut and of course, Crisp Mint. As part of HER BLACK BOOK’s Festival of Her, a shopping event to support female-founded businesses, Geminder shares some insight into her business journey so far.

“Essentially, I spent two years trying to convince myself out of the idea, when I couldn’t, I knew it was time to start. I just felt like there was such a gap in the market for a product like Gem. Every category has had a make-over (beauty, deodorant, vitamins, even luggage!) except oral care: it’s still clinical, boring, outdated… Also, I truly wanted natural oral care products in my routine! I couldn’t find any strong enough that compared to big supermarket brands. When I found Hydroxyapatite (our natural replacement for Fluoride that actually works!) I knew I was on to something big.”

“If you have an idea for a business (and it doesn’t already exist in the market) just start. Remember, your product offering / design / aesthetic / brand might change, and that’s okaywe are up to our 3rd packaging iteration! Don’t invest big upfront, because chances are, you’ll probably rebrand! Another piece of advice I would give is be kind to yourself. It’s hard not to feel swept up in social media and feel as though you should be doing or achieving more. Just remember you are good enough. Also, everybody goes through a transitionary stage (I literally had no idea what I wanted to do for a good five years!), you’ll work it out eventually.”

“I try to stick to a pretty strict routine, which involves being in bed by 9pm most nights (including weekends!). I practically have zero social life. It’s really hard to find balance, (there’s always more work you can do) and often it’s time with my friends that is sacrificed.”

“Everything in our range is an everyday essential! Our new triple whitening toothpaste range is probiotic-rich and contains our hero ingredient Hydroxyapatite (a natural enamel remineraliser, but made from coconut!) The range also comes in six delicious flavours (a flavour for every mood!). Our cute Gem Terry Towelling bags have also been super popular, great for travel or to hold all your beauty essentials. I also love our low sensitivity whitening pens, these complement our triple whitening toothpaste range so well! They are so affordable, and they really work. Our on-the-go breath spray is a handbag favourite, such a great gum or mint alternative!”