Ask anyone what their dream skin feels like, and you’ll probably be met with pretty similar answers: smooth, supple and with a soft buttery-finish. Often, that can mean taking extra care of the skin below your chin, and with body-rich moisturisers, luxe oils and a few hard-working beauty tools, that can be easily achieved. From hair removal (yes, a key to smooth skin) to nourishing creams and even luxe bath soaks, these are the products to arm yourself with if you’re after that hydrated skin from head to toe.

It might not be your first thought when it comes to smooth skin, but some hair removal tools are going to create the perfect base for your products to really sink in. Although hair removal is by no means a necessity, if you are so inclined there are a few key pieces guaranteed to help. Our picks? Bare Body’s IPL Device for your body and Smoothie Stick’s for the face.

There’s no harder working duo in the body care game than a lymphatic tool and nourishing body oil. Brushing or contouring the body works to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation, while oils add in that much needed glow. Our pick? Arithmos’ Soothe Oil, a lightweight formula that not only leaves skin feeling velvety soft and smooth, but has a lasting fragrance that adds a sense of calm.

Of course, when it comes to caring for your body year-round you can’t go past a rich cream. From Fenty Beauty to Ewe Care, these four picks will have you feeling seriously nourished — especially as the cold weather takes hold. Our pick? The Aromatic Skin Nourish by Luk Beautifood, an ultra-conditioning, luminous formula that melts effortlessly into the skin.

For an added dose of hydration, there’s nothing more nourishing than a bath filled with hydration-rich formulas. Our pick? This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak, which is not only infused with lavender and chamomile to relax the body and mind, but packed with ingredients to leave skin moisturised, soft and lightly scented. Trust us, you’ve never had a better night’s sleep.