With a combined 20+ years of experience in nutrition and fertility, as well as their own experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, Brittany Darling and Jacqueline Alwill have put everything they’ve learned so far into their joint venture, Day One Fertility.

The online platform, which features courses, coaching and nutrition-focused e-books, is dedicated to helping all women navigate the often overwhelming world of fertility and beyond.

No matter what stage of your journey you’re at, there’s something for you, whether it be meal plans, helpful guides or a thoughtful and informative community of likeminded women.

Here, the pair share a little bit about Day One Fertility, as well as the reason we should all put our support behind fellow female-founded businesses.

“As mothers and nutritionists, we struggled to find nutrition advice that was backed by research online and that was easily incorporated into our busy daily lives.  All the government brochures were dry, boring and old focused on what you can’t eat. We created Day One Fertility so that evidence based nutritional information was accessible to all women, wherever they are in the world and their budget.”

“When our fertility course SOLD OUT. Talk about pinch me!”

“How much time a start up demands  How many boring logistic are involved  You can’t do it all.”

“Be patient and surround yourself with people to help you… in all aspects of your life, not just business.”