If you’ve ever obsessed over a beauty look from Elle Ferguson, Jodi Gordon or just about any other Australian It-girl, chances are it was Max May (@maxmade on Instagram) behind the enviable glam.

The hair and makeup artist has a reputation for masterful looks that leave you quickly halting your daily scroll in awe (and in desperate need to know how to recreate it for yourself). Bouncy curls, bronzed finishes, fluffy brows and dramatic eyes are often signatures of Max’s, which are exactly why his loyal following is always looking to see just what look he’ll create next.

As party season kicks up a notch, Max shared some of his best-known tips and tricks to glowing, radiant skin with Her Black Book (so get ready for some serious beauty inspiration).

“I’m all about skincare and making sure that I really prepare the skin ready to apply makeup,” says Max. “This starts with exfoliating the skin. Exfoliating removes all of the dead skin cells revealing a ‘smoother’ skin, making it easier to get a more even finish of foundation, concealers and powder.”

“The next step is to make sure that I moisturise, i.e. hydrate, and therefore plumping the skin up reducing fine lines and creating an even texture from one side of the face to the other, this will instantly improve my application and finish of makeup.”

Max knows that glowing skin isn’t just about the steps and products that go into pre-makeup application, but nourishing your health from the inside out. The makeup artist was recently named as Healthy Care’s newest ambassador, something incredibly fitting considering Max has long been an advocate for inner beauty.

Says Max. “I take the Healthy Care Beauty Collagen Powder (they also come in a tablet form) which I simply mix into my coffee or my smoothies. My skin clarity, glow and overall texture shines when I’m taking it and I really know notice a difference if I’m consistent with taking it daily.”

He adds, “An important piece of information I learnt recently about taking collagen was on dosage. To see a real difference in your skin you need to make sure that you’re taking enough. Healthy Care has these cute collagen elixir shots which are recommended to take a few times a week to boost collagen levels and give your body what it needs to make a difference to your hair, skin and nails!”

With the festive season now in full swing, Max has entered one of his busiest times of the year, catering to some of Australia’s most famous faces to bring them their party glam. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this season’s most requested beauty look is all about “shimmer and glitter.”

This summer what will we all be requesting? Blush, blush and more blush, says Max.

“Blush is the unsung hero of makeup and summers beauty hero!!,” the makeup artist explains. “A highly requested party look this season has been a bold lip and super flushed cheeks. Blush is such a big trend at the moment, and I couldn’t be happier about it because blush is a favourite of mine. It really brings a look together but it also brightens skin making people look fresher.”

Max adds, “A tip to making blush last longer (you may have noticed your blush is always the first thing to disappear on your face) is to layer a powder blush over a cream. So apply your favourite cream blush to your cheeks then apply the powder version of the same or similar coloured blush over the cream blush. This will help with longevity, hold the colour and allow it to wear longer.”

Each season you might be drawn to beauty trends that aren’t necessarily right for you, so Max says to always remember that makeup is about “making it your own.”

“My tip is to not get wrapped up in colour trends,” he says. “It’s good to have a look to see what is out there and what people are doing but it’s important to wear what suits you, and what’s going to make you feel great. If you want, try colours that you don’t normally wear however make sure you feel amazing in that colour. Makeup is about having fun and making it your own!”